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Staff meetings are held each Sunday from 1-2pm. To reserve studio time for a given week, you must submit a request before noon on the Sunday of the week you wish to record. We will review all requests submitted that week and send emails confirming sessions for those we can accommodate. If you would like to join the staff, simply attend our Sunday meeting! No experience required.

What do we do?

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    Band Sessions

    Drum set and amps provided. Otherwise, bring your instruments!

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    Rap Sessions

    Bring beats or work with an engineer to make some.

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    Come for the best sound and a comfortable room to chat in.

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    Whether it’s you or a group of friends, tell some stories!

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    Original Musicals

    Don’t let your hard work disappear. Record it here and keep it forever.

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    A Capella Groups

    Get everyone in here for a spectacular performance.

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    Want to show off your speaking skill? Record a book with us!

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    Mixing & Mastering

    Work with our engineers to make your music sound amazing.

Record anything you want!

Come record something for a school project, or come if you want to test your singing voice, or come if you want to see cool things, or come for any reason at all. Just book a session today!

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