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Red Feather Studios at Wesleyan University. (Photo by Will Barr '18)

Red Feather Studios at Wesleyan University. (Photo by Will Barr ’18)

[By Lauren Rubenstein, reposted from Wesleyan Newsletter]

The basement of the University Organizing Center . . . is now home to Red Feather Studios, Wesleyan’s first and only student-run recording studio.

Red Feather officially opened in Winter 2014, after being a work in progress for a few years. “The music culture at Wesleyan is unlike any I’ve seen at other universities,” added Oscar Parajon ’16, a founding member and head studio manager at Red Feather, who is majoring in American Studies. “Before Red Feather Studios, what was happening was a plethora of ‘bedroom producers’ throughout campus that did not have a platform to make their art.”   [ . . . ]

“I think the need for Red Feather stemmed from a discrepancy between Wesleyan students’ creative output and our collective access to creative resources on campus,” said Derrick Holman ’16, another founding member and head of external affairs. While other colleges and universities have student-run studios, Holman said that Red Feather is unique in being a completely student-run venture, with everything from the idea to the funding to the construction to the day-to-day operations under student control.

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The MASH!!!

Wesleyan music news, prepare ye one and all:
The MASH is an annual festival that highlights student music at Wesleyan. In its fifth year, the MASH continues to be inspired by Fete de la Musique, or World Music Day, and the idea that music should be shared and enjoyed everywhere. Please join us on September 9, 2016 to celebrate the many talents on our campus, and share your own by signing-up to perform!

Savannah – Masquerade

Hey, what time is it?! It’s jazz o’clock! The smoothest, slowest of jams written by Savannah Jeffreys and Johnnie Gilmore.

Kai OD – Timelapse [Album]

Red Feather artist Kai OD has been featured by the likes of ComplexThe New YorkerBuzz Feed and more for his inadvertent activism, and for becoming the face of San Fransisco’s anti-gentrification sentiment.  Since September, his full-length LP TimeLapse has been making waves of a different sort. Check it out.

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Rhys Langston – Playwright (Prod. MVNTRA)

A message from Rhys Langston:

“What is happening across the country, I believe, shows us that we must control our own narrative and that we can, especially in this day and age of hyper-[mis]information. No one is going to speak up for us but us; no one is going to write for us but us; no one is going to know us but us.”

Birds of a Feather Record Together at UOC Studio

Red Feather Studios at Wesleyan University. (Photo by Will Barr '18)

Red Feather Studios at Wesleyan University. (Photo by Will Barr ’18)

[Originally posted February 16, 2015 by Abbie Neufeld for Wesleyan Argus]

It was around 5 p.m. on a Saturday at Red Feather Studios, and a recording session was about to start.

But before the music could play, there was a lot that needed to be done.

“First, we have to figure out what instruments are being recorded and place microphones accordingly,” said Mikah Feldman-Stein ’16, head audio engineer at Red Feather Studios. “Then we have to run cables to our computer where we will capture the audio. Before this can happen, we have to set up a project with an appropriate number of tracks in our software. At this point, we bring the musicians into the live room and start recording.”

The studio, which occupies three rooms beneath the University Organizing Center, is completely student-run; students fill all the roles, including audio engineer and studio manager, both of whom must be present for each recording session. The group that runs Red Feather supports the studio’s daily needs, as well as working to achieve its long-term goals. The leadership structure is organized horizontally, with different students supervising the various departments of the studio: internal affairs, external affairs, booking, engineering, managing, and media.

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Jal – Exo (Prod. By Basquiat)

Jaaammm from deep within the RF fam. Jal‘s new track brings a smooth flow, a smooth beat, and some very sharp lyricism indeed. Check it.

Overcoats – Overcoats EP

The RF Collective has been thoroughly and comprehensively blown away by the Overcoats EP. This debut project from the recently-graduated, folk-electro-soul duo is full of cognitive dissonance: the happy and the sad; the contemplative and the visceral; the dreamy and the all-too-dreamy. With their genre-defying style, we expect great things from this duo. Keep your eyes peeled, world.

Tobias Butler – Rain + Shine [EP]

Our ears can’t believe what gold the stereo hath thrust at them. The point: Wes alum Tobias Butler (of departed campus heroes Treasure Island) released his new EP, Rain + Shine, this week. It features funky basslines and undercutting bounce beats, contrasted with some of the happiest/slap-happiest synths you’ll hear this year. The EP also sports remixes from Wes alums Danny Sullivan and Mia Rossi. Play these at your pregames with fervor this weekend! It’s gonna be a big one, so… please enjoy.

B.A.S.S. – Happy

B.A.S.S. just released yet another track. His latest song “Happy” was recorded in Red Feather Studios and produced by Manny Vilmatelo. While developing as a rapper, his rhyme schemes get better exponentially. Keep an eye out for him!

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